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About Us

Star of Hope helps children worldwide by providing programs and partnerships that develop and nurture their knowledge, physical well-being, spiritual growth and social skills.

Specifically, children involved in our projects benefit from:

Education – Access to pre-school, elementary, high school and in some special cases, University education. Equipped with education, the children can go on to make informed decisions that will help themselves, their families and communities in the future.

Health – Better physical health, emotional health and living in a clean environment. Children are taught about all aspects of wellness and caregivers are given support so that they can improve their care for children with special needs.

Social Skills – Learning the value of being fully engaged with family life and the local community. Children involved in our projects lead better lives through the ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships and be good citizens.

Faith – Openly sharing and living the gospel through daily activities. Children involved in our projects will become familiar with the Christian message and will learn the importance of having faith in Jesus Christ.