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About Us

Great Bend Health & Rehabilitation Center works closely with you to deliver the most responsive, cost effective care possible.
Members of our interdisciplinary team of highly trained medial professionals are carefully selected for their ability to provide great care. Working together, the team thoroughly reviews each unique individual's treatment history and goals to create a customized care plan that follows the highest standards of medical practice.
Our care team provides specialized medical nursing care, including:
* Basic Nursing Care
* Skilled Nursing Care
* Short term (Respite) Care
* Onsite Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapies
* Long Term care

Programs and Services include:
* Rehabilitation
* Wound Management
* Transportation for oncology & for renal dialysis
* Oxygen & Respiratory Treatments
* Nutritional Support
* Hospice
* Comprehensive Social Services

We are dedicated to making Residents Feel at Home by meeting a wide range of personal and medical needs with care and compassion. We take pride in offering those little extras that mean so much and makes coming to a nursing facility easier. Activity programs are designed to bring fun & fulfillment.

We offer RESPITE CARE which is a short term care in a nursing facility to give the primary care giver a short time of planned rest and relaxation. We enjoy giving care givers a break for a few days.

Our HEARTLAND UNIT is a specialized Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Unit within the facility.


  • Basic & Skilled Nursing Care, Long Term care
  • Wound Management
  • Onsite Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapies
  • Rehabilitation, Oxygen & Respiratory Treatments
  • Hospice