Journey to Resolve Poverty



About Us

Core Community is a division of Youth Core Ministries, originating in South Central Kansas. We are committed to breaking down isolation which constrains many low income families, build community WITH, and walk beside individuals and families as they journey out of poverty. In Barton County, establishing a Core program has and will continue helping these families move into a healthy new future, enabling our county to be strong and vibrant. This page is dedicated to keeping the community up to date on what is going on with Barton County’s Core Community.

Poverty is a complex problem but it can be solved if communities become committed to finding innovative solutions! Core is a unique partnership of Core Leaders and 2-3 Core Friends.

Core Leaders are low income individuals and their families who have the determination and dedication to break out of the cycle of poverty. By engaging in meaningful relationships with their Friends, these families can break through their isolation and achieve a better quality of life.

Core Friends are community volunteers who share their experience, time and energy to help a Core leader and their family identify barriers, create solutions, and reach an ultimate goal of 200% above poverty line.


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